Apache Lucene 7.1.0 发布,Java 全文检索引擎

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Apache Lucene 7.1.0 已发布,Lucene 是 Apache 软件基金会的一个开放源代码的全文检索引擎工具包,是一个全文检索引擎的架构,提供了

Apache Lucene 7.1.0 已发布,Lucene 是 Apache 软件基金会的一个开放源代码的全文检索引擎工具包,是一个全文检索引擎的架构,提供了完整的查询引擎和索引引擎,部分文本分析引擎。Lucene 的目的是为软件开发人员提供一个简单易用的工具包,以方便的在目标系统中实现全文检索的功能,或者是以此为基础建立起完整的全文检索引擎。

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Apache Lucene 7.1.0 新功能:

LUCENE-7970: Add a shape to Geo3D that consists of multiple planes that approximate a true circle, rather than an ellipse, for non-spherical planet models. (Karl Wright, Ignacio Vera)

LUCENE-7955: Add support for the concept of "nearest distance" to Geo3D's GeoPath abstraction, which is the distance along the path to the point that is closest to the provided point. (Karl Wright)

LUCENE-7906: Add spatial relationships between all currently-defined Geo shapes. (Ignacio Vera)

LUCENE-7955: Add support for zero-width paths. (Karl Wright)

LUCENE-7936: Add serialization and deserialization support to Geo3D. (Karl Wright, Ignacio Vera)

LUCENE-7942: Distance computations now have the ability to accurately aggregate distances, rather than just doing sums. (Karl Wright)

LUCENE-7934: Add a planet model interface. (Karl Wright)

LUCENE-7918: Revamp the API for composites so that it's generic and can be used for many kinds of shapes. (Ignacio Vera)

LUCENE-7621: Add CoveringQuery, a query whose required number of matching clauses can be defined per document. (Adrien Grand)

LUCENE-7927: Add LongValueFacetCounts, to compute facet counts for individual numeric values (Mike McCandless)

LUCENE-7940: Add BengaliAnalyzer. (Md. Abdulla-Al-Sun via Robert Muir)

LUCENE-7392: Add point based LatLonBoundingBox as new RangeField Type. (Nick Knize)

LUCENE-7951: Spatial-extras has much better Geo3d support by implementing Spatial4j abstractions: SpatialContextFactory, ShapeFactory, BinaryCodec, DistanceCalculator. (Ignacio Vera, David Smiley)

LUCENE-7973: Update dictionary version for Ukrainian analyzer to 3.9.0 (Andriy Rysin via Dawid Weiss)

LUCENE-7974: Add FloatPointNearestNeighbor, an N-dimensional FloatPoint K-nearest-neighbor search implementation. (Steve Rowe)

LUCENE-7975: Change the default taxonomy facets cache to a faster byte[] (UTF-8) based cache. (Mike McCandless)

LUCENE-7972: DirectoryTaxonomyReader, in Lucene's facet module, now implements Accountable, so you can more easily track how much heap it's using. (Mike McCandless)

LUCENE-7982: A new NormsFieldExistsQuery matches documents that have norms in a specified field (Colin Goodheart-Smithe via Mike McCandless)

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